85 Gorgeous Spring Garden Curb Appeal Ideas

33 gorgeous spring garden curb appeal ideas

Curb Appeal is what makes your home feel inviting for first time visitors. It’s like a little window into your home and family. Do you value your house and your neighbors enough to make it look pretty? Do you want people to feel welcome?

For a unique garden, try planting heirloom varieties such as lavender, moonflowers and Russian sage. Lavender is especially beautiful and useful in potpourri and soaps. It gives an old-time cottage garden feel to a yard. Whether you build your own window boxes like we did years ago, or you buy ready-made versions, window boxes can add so much welcoming character to a home.

By definition, edging plants are those that provide definition to gardens and walkways. They can soften the look of a hard stone walkway especially well. Just be sure to avoid messy plants, such as ones that drop berries! Maybe an old tree died over the winter. Or maybe you just have the perfect place for a tree. Try making it a family event and get your whole family involved in the planting. Our kids even named one of the trees we planted years ago!

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