75 Cheap and Easy First Apartment Decorating Ideas on A Budget

72 cheap and easy first apartment decorating ideas on a budget

When a lot of people are graduating, and striking out on their own, and moving into their first real ‘adult’ home or apartment. It’s an exciting, and maybe also a little intimidating, time, full of possibilities and pitfalls.

Your first apartment is a wonderful blank slate, and it can be tempting to fill it up with wonderful things within the first few weeks. But decorating, like a lot of things, can be much more rewarding if you take it slow. Remember that you’re not on a schedule, and that there are only a few things that you need right away. For everything else, waiting will give you time to figure out what you want, save up for big purchases, and maybe even find a vintage piece that’s just right.

Here are a few of the things that help fledgling decorator, Enjoy!

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