85 Best Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Lighting Lamps Decor Ideas

79 best cozy farmhouse living room lighting lamps decor ideas

Your living room has to work hard. One minute it’s host to movie marathons and the next transformed into a place for reading, homework and intensely competitive board games. That means there quite a few factors to consider when looking for living room lighting ideas.

An central light fixture, two wall lights and a pair of table lamps. This arrangement places a decorative light fixture in the center of the room which will illuminate most of the room, and then accents it with short-range lights nearer the edges of the room. If you have high ceilings you may have room for a living room chandelier or pendant. These will hang down so you’ll need several feet of additional height to walk beneath them. But they can add beautiful thematic lighting to your room.

If you don’t have the head-room, opt for a semi-flush close-to-ceiling light. These have a more decorative design and are not as boring or ugly as basic dome lights. A pair of wall lights on a major wall, such as behind a couch, can offer additional brightness when you need it. Seating is usually placed away from the center of the room so it helps to bring extra light close to where you’ll spend time.

Wall lights can also illuminate over your shoulder for reading. Alternatively place them opposite the couch, typically behind the television. Complete the balance of light by arranging a pair of table lamps, either at the sides of the couch on end tables, or in the opposite corners of the room. The lamp shades will shield your eyes while remaining in your field of vision.

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