80 Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Decor Ideas

39 inspiring farmhouse entryway decor ideas

Although an entryway can seem like one of the least important rooms in a home, the entry point of any living area is extremely important. Not only is it the first space that the eye of a visitor beholds, but it reveals the character of the decorating that is to follow. First impressions are important; when a person enters a home they judge it within the first few seconds! Although the entrance, foyer, vestibule, or mudroom may seem like a small and insignificant space, it carries a huge responsibility.

Fortunately, entry decorating can be broken down into a few simple components: wall color, floor covering, furniture, wall decor, and lighting. Although entryways are usually restricted in size; this limitation actually works to the decorator’s advantage.

The process of elimination will reduce the number of possibilities and make choices easier! For instance, some entries obviously have no space for furniture. In these situations, the style must be created entirely through the wall color, floor covering, and wall decor. No need to hunt for the perfect table lamp if there’s no room for a table!

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