65 Best Small Living Room Decor Ideas

52 best small living room decor ideas

Looking for small living room ideas for your home but don’t know where to start? As we know it can seem like an impossible task to make a tiny room look bigger than it is, we turned to our interior designers to share brilliant ideas to help your small living room décor make a big impact.

An interesting light fitting draws the eye upward, towards the ceiling, to remind you of all the space above you, a clever trick for smart living room interior design. While you don’t have a massive space, taking advantage of vertical space with clever living room décor ideas can make all the difference. To add height to your room, source stylish floor to ceiling curtains for extra drama, rather than traditional space-saving blinds. Displaying your art vertically also another smart solution as a gallery wall is sure to add dramatic impact.

Display art upwards instead of outwards to create a dynamic gallery wall. Spreading your art lengthways across a room can close it off, bringing the walls towards one another while making the space feel much smaller. Displaying your art, making the most of your vertical space, has quite the opposite effect for small living room décor. Lower furnishings can also highlight vertical space – choose sofas and chairs with lower backs.

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